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north central florida homes for saleNW Gainesville
A home located in Gainesville not only provides a permanent place to call home and personal satisfaction, it is also a solid investment. The value of a home is likely to increase steadily over time without the extreme ups and downs associated with many other investments. A home is a relatively stable investment and probably will not earn spectacular returns like some other investments, such as stocks, but owning a home is less likely to show dramatic declines often associated with stocks and other investments.

In addition to being a good investment, owning a home provides unique income tax benefits. The mortgage interest and property taxes homeowners pay yearly are deductible on income tax and the profits of up to $500,000 on the sale of a principal residence are excluded from tax on capital gains. Stock dividends are subject to income tax and profits on the sale of stocks, bonds and other investments are subject to a 20 percent federal tax rate for most investors.

homes for sale north floridaSW Gainesville
One of the many benefits to owning a home in Gainesville is leveraging. A buyer can purchase a home with a cash down payment that is only a small fraction—as little as 10 percent or less—of the total purchase price, but the return is based on the total value of the property. This is called leveraging an investment, and it makes the rate of return on a home much greater than on an equivalent investment where the buyer must put up the entire purchase price.

Looking at homeownership as an investment is only one way to analyze its value. Owning a home in Gainesville provides a valuable place to live that no other investment can match. It provides shelter while encouraging good citizenship and commitment to the community.

gainesville florida homes for saleHaile Plantation
Harmony amid diversity characterizes Haile Plantation. Haile Plantation achieves a diverse population by offering a variety of housing opportunities ranging from town homes and garden cottages to custom estate homes. Thoughtful architectural guidelines coupled with a dedication to preserving the lush natural setting and to protecting wildlife, have resulted in Haile Plantation being recognized as an award winning community. In Haile Plantation, each neighborhood reflects its own unique style, yet subtly blends into the overall scheme. Haile Plantation is a place much more than the individual homes, the neighbors, the trails, the golf club or the Village Center. Taken together, these elements create a unique environment where neighbors become friends, classmates become buddies, and shop owners call you by your first name. A strong sense of community is truly an everyday part of living in Haile Plantation. So whether you're buying your first home, retiring or building the house of your dreams, Haile Plantation has a home for you.
homes for sale in gainesville florida Pool Homes
You’ll become the envy of the neighborhood when you entertain in your new backyard. Whether it’s a family-friendly pool party with Marco Polo and pool volleyball or an adult-only gathering with wine, grilling, and good conversation, a swimming pool provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy summer sunshine and good company. Your pool becomes the go-to venue for all of your entertaining needs.

Did you know that the average American family can spend close to $100 a week on each child to entertain them while home from school during the summer? The cost of sports and activity camps can really add up, and so can memberships at town recreation facilities, trips to water parks, or expensive vacations to the beach. With a swimming pool in your backyard, however, your kids have endless entertainment right at home—and you don’t even have to drive them to it!

In addition to serving as a summer haven for your kids, owning a swimming pool can benefit your health—swimming can burn more than 400 calories per hour! A quick dip after work can help you de-stress and relax. Even just sitting out by the pool on a quiet summer evening with a glass of iced tea and a good book can be a source of immense calm.
north florida homes for saleGolf Course Communities
Golf community living is perfect for those seeking a relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Moreover, these private communities are not just for those that play the game of golf. Many cater to homeowners that appreciate the beauty a golf course has to offer despite a lack of interest in the game. There are numerous types of golf communities throughout Alachua County for people young and old from active adults to young working professionals..

You don’t have to be any one type of person to live in a golf community, as there are many different communities and they appeal to a wide range of people. A common misconception is that you have to be rich to live in one of these beautiful communities, but you don’t! You may have to shop around to find one that is in your price range, but chances are that you can find a golf community that will appeal to your style and budget.

Another great feature of golf communities is the social aspect. Many have different clubs that attract a wide range of the homeowners such as those that like to hunt, card clubs, fitness clubs, parenting groups, and more. Communities such as this become almost like small cities within cities, and it allows all of the neighbors to get to know one another on a really special level.

While the golf is definitely a great feature, it is not the only one that people should consider when living in a golf community. Many communities offer other features such as swimming pools, hot tubs, walking trails, tennis courts along with basketball courts. Other golf communities also offer pro shops, driving ranges, and professional golf lessons.

condos for sale in Gainesville floridaCondominiums / Town Homes
Whether you’re a parent of a student, a professional new to town, or a local looking to purchase a condominium / town home in the Gainesville area, I can assist you with cutting through the clutter and help you find your next home at the right Price, Size, Layout, Location and Amenities in a convenient, friendly and safe place. If your son or daughter is currently attending University of Florida or may be in the future, you may want to consider investing in a home or condo while they work towards their degree. They’re could be significant advantages to owning property while your child is here at school. I have a proven track record of assisting buyers in finding their investment property near the University of Florida campus that’s located on the local bus lines, in safe areas and have provided great resale value when it comes time to sell. I have been assisting clients in the investment buying process for over 20 years. I believe that from my experience, I have a keen sense of understanding of the needs that parents of future U.F. grads are looking for when considering an investment property. In addition to orienting you to the current market conditions in our area, I can provide you with financing alternatives along with carefully explaining and preparing an offer to purchase once we have found your suitable home. Experience the Difference… The Difference is Experience.
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