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homes for sale in gainesville floridaMany affordable and diverse homes can be found in Gainesville - whether you enjoy the ambiance of the historic downtown area, a planned golf-course community or family-oriented neighborhoods. Many residents choose the rural lifestyle of Alachua County's smaller towns-a fact endorsed by Money Magazine that described this "picturesque area as one of the few places left in America where you can work in town, live in the wilderness and have a maximum 30-minute commute."

Professionals and others engaged in the activities of work and raising families tend towards the comforts and sense of accomplishment derived from owning their own home.

north florida real estate for saleThe areas growing most rapidly with new development are southwest and northwest Gainesville. There are literally dozens of residential developments constantly being built, especially in the area west of I-75.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, the 559-member Builders Association of North Central Florida (BANCF) offers its Parade of Homes, an excellent opportunity to see the features of many communities.

gainesville florida homes for saleWhile most of the residential growth in recent years has been to the west, efforts are being made in areas near the University of Florida, downtown and to the east, as well. Some of the older homes near campus have been replaced by townhouses and apartment complexes which appeal to students. Alumni may have a hard time recognizing some of their old neighborhoods. In other parts of the inner city, especially in areas like Duck Pond, older homes are being remodeled and are attracting young families.

In the heart of the downtown area, several new townhouses have been built in the last decade, offering luxury homes convenient to many restaurants, shops, and galleries.

The median cost of housing for a three bedroom/two bath home of approximately 2,200 square feet is $252,980. The average monthly rent in Gainesville is $735.00

apartments located Gainesville floridaMany parents of students attending the University of Florida or Santa Fe Community College have found purchasing a condominium for their child to be an excellent investment when it comes time to sell. There’s currently a large selection of units available that promises to fit any budget.

retirement living in north central floridaStudents attending University of Florida and Santa Fe Community College also have a large selection of apartments to choose from while furthering their education. For university students, the University Student Housing Office list off-campus apartments that are part of the Voluntary Residential Inspection Program.

As for retirement living, Alachua County has several retirement communities. Although the retiree population in our area pales in comparison to South Florida, the North Central area of Florida is senior-friendly and offers a wide variety of services conducive to a healthy life style during the retirement years. The temperate weather conditions, the availability of 11 recreational parks, a transit system, six hospitals, and more than 1,200 physicians lend an atmosphere of adventure and security to all age groups. The area has been consistently ranked as one of the leading retirement areas in the nation.

retirement living located in alachua county retirement living located in Gainesville florida nursing facility located in north florida

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